Matt Leov



Matthew Leov has had experience in both logging management and contracting over the last 20 years in both pine and blue gum plantations ranging from hauler to flat full stem operations. Since establishing the Company in Western Australia in 2004, Matt continues to be an active Director and Business Manager.





Damien joined Total Harvesting  over two years ago and brings with him a great deal of experience in all aspects of the business.   Presently Damien is directly managing the Operations in Albany for the Bluegums and Radiata Pine along with overseeing Bunbury Operations and our core business management.            





Dennis has been in the Forestry Industry for over 20 years and has a wealth of experience in all aspects of Forestry and Production environments. Dennis manages multiple teams in our Bunbury area, working in Radiata Pine and Native Ops, and will if needed jump onto a Harvester or Forwarder along side his teams and cut or cart timber. 





Tony commenced working in Forestry over 30 years ago at the age of 18 and has previously run his own businesses in forestry and mechanical.  Tony started working for Total Harvesting as the Operations Manager in Albany just over a year ago but has since moved to our Bunbury Operation to oversee the fleet of  over 14 Trucks and complete compliment of harvesting machinery. 



current operations



Contracted to APEC annually producing 120,000t of Blue Gum logs to APEC’s chip mill. We use two Komatsu XT430 Harvesters with Waratah 616C Heads, we also have Cat 324DFM Harvesters with 616C Waratah Heads, two Komatsu 895 Forwarders and a Cat 320 Log Loader.

In Albany we also have one specialised pine crew consisting of one harvester and forwarder.

Stump Removal operation consisting of two Cat 322 excavators and a John Deere 748 Skidder

Three Heavy Duty Fire Trucks which are dispatched when needed.

Albany Plantation Export


Contracted to FPC annually producing 150,000t of Radiata Pine.

Total Harvesting Bunbury Team  carry out a number of harvesting activities including,:

·          T1 / T2 Thinning using Komatsu 430 with Waratah 622C Head, mainly cutting short lengths. We cut  sawlogs, industrial products  and rounds from this operation. This is pulled out of the forest and loaded onto trucks with a forwarder.

·          T3 / Clearfell Crew with a Komatsu 450 and a 623C Waratah head. This job is supported by two modern forwarders which pull the wood and load it out. We cut sawlog, power poles, export as well as industrial wood products from this operation.

·          We also have a specialist Steep terrain logging crew that tackles areas outside the normal. This crew has a feller buncher and other equipment when and where needed to difficult jobs.

·           14 modern Log trucks carting from the forest to FPC many customers  

·            We also have a private crew which can carry out a range of different harvesting jobs where needed

·          Currently we are land clearing standing large dead fire damaged trees for FPC enabling them to replant this effected area.


Forest Products Commission


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